S-4.1.1, r. 2 - Educational Childcare Regulation

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6.9. In addition to what is provided for in section 5 of the Educational Childcare Act (chapter S-4.1.1), the educational program that must be applied by a childcare provider must take into account the needs and level of development of the children to whom childcare is provided, and it must be aimed at
(1)  fostering positive interactions between the persons applying the educational program and the children;
(2)  fostering the children’s feeling of emotional security;
(3)  organizing life in society by establishing a positive climate within the group;
(4)  arranging the premises and equipment in order to support the children’s learning and overall development;
(5)  fostering regular communication between the parents, the childcare providers and the persons applying the educational program, as well as constructive interactions centered on the children and their development;
(6)  promoting experiences initiated by the children and supported by the persons applying the educational program;
(7)  encouraging exploration, curiosity, free play, and play initiated by the children;
(8)  supporting active play and limiting sedentary activities;
(9)  fostering experiences that support the development of healthy eating habits.
479-2019O.C. 479-2019, s. 2.