S-32.1, r. 1 - Rules of proof and procedure of the Commission de reconnaissance des associations d’artistes et des associations de producteurs

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29. Any application, motion, intervention or any other document sent by mail is presumed to have been deposited, submitted or received by the Commission on the day of the postmark.
Proof of sending by registered mail is made by producing the acknowledgement of receipt and that by certified mail by producing the delivery receipt. The sending is deemed to have taken place on the date when the acknowledgement of receipt or the delivery receipt was signed.
Proof of sending by messenger is made by producing a receipt bearing the signature of the consignee and the date of receipt.
Proof of sending by bailiff is made by producing the return of the bailiff making the service in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure (chapter C-25).
O.C. 1538-90, s. 33; O.C. 732-98, s. 5.