S-3.1.02, r. 1 - Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation

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1. In this Regulation, unless the context indicates otherwise,
(1)  “swimming pool” means a permanent or temporary artificially constructed outdoor basin intended for swimming that has a water depth equal to or greater than 60 cm and to which the Regulation respecting safety in public baths (chapter B-1.1, r. 11) does not apply, but excludes whirlpools and hot tubs where their capacity does not exceed 2,000 litres;
(2)  “inground or semi-inground pool” means a swimming pool that is partially or completely buried under the ground surface;
(3)  “aboveground pool” means a hard-sided swimming pool installed permanently on the ground surface;
(4)  “portable pool” means a soft-sided swimming pool, inflatable or not, designed to be installed on a temporary basis;
(5)  “installation” means a swimming pool and any equipment, construction, system and accessory designed to ensure proper functioning of the pool, to ensure the safety of persons or to allow or prevent access to the pool.
O.C. 515-2010, s. 1.