S-3.1.01, r. 1 - Dam Safety Regulation

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8.1. Dams must be classified by the Minister according to the classes listed in section 2.2 of the Act.
The Minister classifies or, as the case may be, reviews the classification of a dam in the following circumstances:
(1)  when a dam is newly listed;
(2)  when the Minister issues an authorization under section 5 of the Act;
(3)  after receiving a declaration under section 29 of the Act;
(4)  following a site visit by an inspector or investigator;
(5)  when information brought to the Minister’s attention by a third party justifies a review;
(6)  at any time following a request by the dam owner, supported by a report or study made under the responsibility of an engineer or another justifying document.
O.C. 989-2023, s. 7.