S-3.1.01, r. 1 - Dam Safety Regulation

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82. A monetary administrative penalty of $500 in the case of a natural person or $2,500 in other cases may be imposed on any person who
(1)  fails to comply with the number, frequency or time limits for the inspection activities provided for in section 41 or 79;
(2)  fails to produce a report containing the information prescribed by section 42.1 in accordance with the conditions set out in that section.
O.C. 300-2002, s. 82; O.C. 989-2023, s. 56.
82. The owner of an existing dam must, within 3 months of the coming into force of the Act, send to the Minister all information or documents required for the preparation of the register of dams referred to in Chapter II.
Every offence against this section renders the owner liable to a fine of not less than $2,000 and not more than $200,000.
O.C. 300-2002, s. 82.