S-3.1.01, r. 1 - Dam Safety Regulation

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76. The owner of an existing dam shall, within the earlier of the following time limits, prepare an impounded water management plan pursuant to Subdivision 1 of Division III of Chapter III if such a plan is required under that subdivision for the dam in question:
(1)  the time limit applicable to the dam under section 78; and
(2)  prior to authorization for
(a)  a structural alteration to the dam if it affects all parts of the structure or, because of the scope of the work, the structural alteration is equivalent to reconstructing the dam; or
(b)  any change in use likely to affect dam safety, in particular a change involving putting the dam back into operation or partially stopping its operation.
An impounded water management plan summary under the second paragraph of section 33 must be appended to the first dam safety review study or to an application for authorization referred to in subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph, as the case may be.
The owner shall also forward the plan summary to the local municipality within whose territory the dam is located as soon as possible after the preparation of the impounded water management plan.
O.C. 300-2002, s. 76; O.C. 17-2005, s. 16.