S-3.1.01, r. 1 - Dam Safety Regulation

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49.0.1. (Revoked).
O.C. 901-2014, s. 15; O.C. 989-2023, s. 36.
49.0.1. The safety review of a dam whose failure consequence category is “very low” or “low” must include
(1)  checking the dam’s condition by means of an inspection of its structure;
(2)  checking the functionality and reliability of the discharge facilities;
(3)  checking the dam’s discharge capacity, including a review of the hydrologic and hydraulic data and assumptions with respect to the dam’s safety check flood;
(4)  if, on the reservoir rim, there are other dams whose failure consequence category is equal to or greater than “moderate”, checking the dam’s stability with regard to its safety check flood;
(5)  analysing the topography of the reservoir rim;
(6)  reviewing the dam’s classification;
(7)  reviewing the impounded water management plan if, under subdivision 1 of Division III, such a plan is required for the dam concerned.
O.C. 901-2014, s. 15.