S-3.1.01, r. 1 - Dam Safety Regulation

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4. For the purposes of this Regulation, unless the context requires otherwise,
“existing dam” means a dam completely constructed by the date of coming into force of the Act or under construction on that date, as well as a dam construction project for which the developer had, on the date of coming into force of the Act, obtained the required approval under the Watercourses Act (chapter R-13); (barrage existant)
“full supply level” means the maximum normal operating water surface level of a reservoir; (niveau maximal d’exploitation)
“project” means the complex of structures impounding the water of a single reservoir that are owned by the same person; (aménagement)
A reservoir includes any lake referred to in the Banque de noms de lieux du Québec.
O.C. 300-2002, s. 4.