S-3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting safety in public buildings

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24. Outdoor places of assembly:
(1)  Any outdoor place intended for gatherings of people (platforms or stepped rows of seats) shall comply with the requirements of section 10 and shall have at least:
(a)  2 exits;
(b)  3 exits if such place is intended for 1,000 persons or more.
(2)  Exits of such places of assembly shall be located as specified in section 12 and such exits shall be located no more than 25 m apart from each other.
(3)  Any bench-type seat shall comply with the requirements of subsection 1 of section 23 and shall be so located that the travel distance to:
(a)  the playground or exhibition ground; or
(b)  an exit; or
(c)  an opening leading to an exit;
shall not exceed 45 m.
(4)  Aisles shall:
(a)  comply with the requirements of sections 10, 11 and 12;
(b)  be so arranged that there be no more than 20 bench-type seats between any bench-type seat and an aisle;
(c)  be not less than 1,100 mm wide unless such aisles are intended for no more than 60 persons, in which case aisles may be 750 mm wide;
(d)  have a gradient of not more than 1 in 8 without steps; should the gradient be greater, steps may be used, provided that such steps:
i.  be as wide as the aisle;
ii.  be no more than 230 mm high; and
iii.  be not less than 250 mm wide;
(e)  be continuously illuminated while the building is occupied.
(5)  Any space under tiers of seats:
(a)  any unutilised space under tiers of seats shall be made unaccessible to the public by means approved by the inspector;
(b)  such space shall not be used for the storing of hazardous, explosive, toxic or flammable substance.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-3, r. 4, s. 24.