S-3, r. 1 - Amusement Rides Regulation

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35. In the case of rides moving in darkness inside an enclosure, such enclosure shall be equipped with:
(1)  a smoke alarm bearing an Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (ULC) seal and installed in conformity with the manufacturer’s instructions. The working condition of the smoke alarm shall be checked at every mounting of an itinerant ride and every month in other cases.
This subsection does not apply to an enclosure constituted of only one room not compartmentalized;
(2)  signs, visible from the carrier, indicating egresses;
(3)  an emergency lighting system of no less than 10 lx at floor level and egress signs, activated automatically when the main source of electrical supply is interrupted.
Moreover, each egress shall bear the inscription SORTIE, in lettering at least 25 mm high, and, if locked, it shall be possible to open it from the inside without a key.
O.C. 649-91, s. 35.