S-3, r. 1 - Amusement Rides Regulation

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12. The owner of a ride shall:
(1)  keep it in good operating order and correct any defect;
(2)  comply with the maintenance bulletins and the service manual, including mounting instructions, issued for this ride by the manufacturer;
(3)  ensure that no safety device is removed or altered without the manufacturer’s authorization;
(4)  ensure that the maintenance bulletins and the service manual are kept with the log book as well as, if the case arises, the authorizations, the certificates and the check lists which are mentioned in subsection 3 and in sections 5, 9, 15, 16, 38 and 47;
(5)  ensure that the log book and the other documents mentioned in subsection 4 are available on the site where the ride is being operated;
(6)  ensure that no part of the ride comes nearer to an electrical conductor of more than 750 V, than the distance specified in the following table:

Tension Distance
(in volts) (in metres)

Less than 125,000 5
125,000 and more 30
O.C. 649-91, s. 12.