S-3, r. 1 - Amusement Rides Regulation

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9. A registration plate shall be issued for a ride only if the owner has obtained from the manufacturer or failing that, from an engineer:
(1)  a certificate attesting that this ride or its prototype:
(a)  has been designed and manufactured so as to withstand loads and constraints under all loading and operating conditions;
(b)  has undergone tests and checks to this effect and that their results are satisfactory. Load tests shall be established according to the rated capacity by considering the theoretical mass of each person to be 75 kg, or 35 kg in the case of a ride to be used solely by children;
(2)  a report describing the tests and checks performed on this ride or its prototype.
The certificate shall also indicate the type, trademark, model and serial number of the ride, the date and place where the tests and checks were conducted and also the name and occupation of the person by whom they were performed.
O.C. 649-91, s. 9.