S-3, r. 1 - Amusement Rides Regulation

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47. Prior to carrying users, rides shall be examined daily, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and the following checks shall be made:
(1)  a visual check of carriers and restraining, suspension, coupling and locking devices;
(2)  a test of the operation of the brakes, including backstops;
(3)  a visual check of the anchoring devices as well as the blocks under the stabilizers and under the supporting structure of the ride;
(4)  a visual check of the wind braces, guys and tension devices;
(5)  a test of the emergency lighting, signal and communication systems;
(6)  a check of the fencing clearance required in section 40;
(7)  a visual check of entrances, egresses, stairs and ramps;
(8)  a check of any other safety device.
A list of the checks to be made shall be kept with the log book.
O.C. 649-91, s. 47.