S-29.1, r. 1 - Québec Business Investment Companies Regulation

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18.2. In the 2 years following the date of a qualified investment, the qualified legal person shall, in the 30 days of any change respecting its shareholders, provide the name, address and social insurance number, where applicable, of any person subscribing to or purchasing shares of any class of its share capital and, in the case of a legal person, shall provide the same information with respect to shareholders of the latter and the name of the shareholder who sells his shares, where applicable, the number of shares and the price paid for each share as well as a declaration or, where required, a statement of any dealing not at arm’s length between any new shareholder and the other shareholders of the qualified legal person as well as with the shareholders of a company that has been a shareholder for 2 years or less.
O.C. 453-87, s. 3; O.C. 1136-2004, s. 15.