S-2.2, r. 2 - Minister’s Regulation under the Public Health Act

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7. A chief executive officer of a laboratory or of a department of medical biology who makes a report pursuant to this Chapter must provide the following information:
(1)  name of the intoxication, infection or disease for which he or she has reported a positive analysis result;
(2)  type of sample, including the site where it was taken, the date on which it was taken, the analyses performed and the results obtained;
(3)  name and permit number of the health professional who requested the analyses;
(4)  name, sex, date of birth, address with postal code, telephone number and health insurance number of the person from whom the sample was taken;
(5)  name of the laboratory or of the department of medical biology, its address, as well as the name of the person signing the report and the telephone numbers at which that person can be reached.
Written reports must be dated and signed by the chief executive officer or by the person duly authorized to sign such reports in accordance with the internal management rules of the laboratory or of the department.
M.O. 2003-011, s. 7.