S-2.2, r. 2 - Minister’s Regulation under the Public Health Act

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14. Any physician who diagnoses acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in a person must send the following information regarding that person to the person designated by the national public health director for the purposes of the ongoing surveillance of the health status of the population:
(1)  date of birth;
(2)  sex;
(3)  place of residence and first 3 characters of the postal code;
(4)  vital status;
(5)  ethno-cultural origin, country of birth and, where applicable, date of arrival in Canada;
(6)  indicator diseases of AIDS that have been diagnosed, diagnostic procedure used and dates of the diagnoses;
(7)  risk factors associated with acquiring the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV);
(8)  results of the anti-HIV serological tests that have been done, including confirmatory tests known for the HIV infection, with the corresponding dates; and
(9)  other relevant laboratory data available at the time of the diagnosis.
The physician must also include with the information the number the physician has assigned to the patient as a reference number, the physician’s professional permit number, the telephone numbers at which he or she can be reached and the date on which the information was sent.
M.O. 2003-011, s. 14.