S-2.2, r. 2 - Minister’s Regulation under the Public Health Act

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12. Where the verification shows that the health insurance number has never been encrypted, the person designated by the national public health director must contact the health professional who requested the analysis to obtain the following information regarding the person, for the purposes of the ongoing surveillance of the health status of the population:
(1)  month and year of birth;
(2)  sex;
(3)  place of residence and first 3 characters of the postal code;
(4)  ethno-cultural origin, country of birth and, where applicable, date of arrival in Canada;
(5)  risk factors associated with acquiring the virus;
(6)  history of previous tests, clinical status and other relevant laboratory data available at the time of the diagnosis;
(7)  reason for the test; and
(8)  in the case of a woman, an indication as to whether she is pregnant.
M.O. 2003-011, s. 12.