S-2.2, r. 1 - Regulation under the Public Health Act

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3. With respect to the list drawn up under section 83 of the Act, the diseases and infections for which treatment is mandatory for any person affected must satisfy the following 6 criteria:
(1)  present a risk of contagion through person-to-person contact;
(2)  present a high risk of contagion through the airborne route;
(3)  be characterized as chronic, contagious diseases or infections if not treated;
(4)  be recognized as serious diseases or infections for the individuals affected, in terms of lethality or morbidity, in the short or long-term;
(5)  respond to medical treatment with demonstrated efficacy to eliminate or significantly reduce the contagion; and
(6)  respond to no means of treatment other than the treatment to reduce the risk of contagion, apart from the isolation of the person affected.
O.C. 756-2003, s. 3.