S-2.2, r. 1 - Regulation under the Public Health Act

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2. With respect to the list drawn up pursuant to section 79 of the Act, the intoxications, infections and diseases that may be included for reporting to public health authorities must satisfy the following criteria:
(1)  they present a risk for the occurrence of new cases in the population, either because the disease or infection is contagious, or because the origin of the intoxication, infection or disease may lie in a source of contamination or exposure in the environment of the person affected;
(2)  they are medically recognized as a threat to the health of the population, as defined in section 2 of the Act, that may result in serious health problems in the persons affected;
(3)  they require vigilance on the part of public health authorities or an epidemiological investigation; and
(4)  public health or other authorities have the power to take action in their respect to prevent new cases, to control an outbreak or to limit the magnitude of an epidemic, through the use of medical or other means.
O.C. 756-2003, s. 2.