S-2.1, r. 9 - Regulation respecting concrete pumps and distribution masts

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(s. 16)
In accordance with section 16, a sign shall be posted close to the fixed control station of a pump-truck to display the following instructions in a permanent and clearly legible manner:
(1) Respect the following minimum approach distances from electrical transmission cables:

Tension (volts) Distance (minimum)

Less than 125,000 3 metres
125,000 to 250,000 5 metres
250,000 to 550,000 8 metres
More than 550,000 12 metres
(2) Maintain a safe distance from excavations and trenches (§ 3 m).
(3) Extend outriggers fully when using distribution mast.
(4) Anchor delivery pipes solidly.
(5) Have a signaller assist you if view is obstructed.
(6) Before opening piping or in the case of blockage, depressurize system by reversing pumping direction.
(7) When cleaning with compressed air, remove flexible end hose and replace with a trap basket.
(8) Shut motor off and return mast to stowed position at end of a work period, during a storm or when winds are greater than 75 km/h.
(9) Use and follow manufacturer’s manual.
(10) Do not allow any person to stand under the distribution mast.
(11) Do not use distribution mast for lifting loads.
(12) Do not move pump-truck when mast is extended.
(13) Do not lengthen distribution mast or flexible end hoses.
(14) Do not modify or remove safety devices.
O.C. 1520-92, Sch. I.