S-2.1, r. 8 - Regulation respecting information on controlled products

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2. In this Regulation,
“bulk” refers to the condition of anything that is contained without any intermediate means of confinement or packaging in
(1)  a receptacle with a capacity greater than 454 litres of water,
(2)  a freight container, a road vehicle, a railway vehicle, a mobile cargo tank, or a freight container or mobile cargo tank transported by road vehicle, railway vehicle, ship or aircraft,
(3)  the hold of a ship, or
(4)  a pipeline; (en vrac)
“complex mixture” means a combination of chemicals that has a commonly known generic name and is
(1)  naturally occurring,
(2)  a fraction of a naturally occurring mixture that results from a separation process, or
(3)  a modification of a naturally occurring mixture or a modification of a fraction thereof that results from a chemical modification process; (mélange complexe)
“container” means any package or receptacle, in particular a bag, barrel, bottle, box, drum, can, cylinder or storage tank; (contenant)
“laboratory sample” means a sample of a controlled product that is intended solely to be tested in a laboratory and is not to be used for testing other products, materials or substances or for educational or demonstration purposes; (échantillon pour laboratoire)
“mixture” means a combination of materials that do not undergo a chemical change as a result of their interaction; (mélange)
“product name” means the common or chemical name, the trade name, the generic name or the brand of a controlled product, or the code name or code number given to that product by its supplier; (nom du produit)
“risk phrase” means the statement concerning the danger inherent in a controlled product, considering its classification. (mention de risque)
O.C. 445-89, s. 2.