S-2.1, r. 8 - Regulation respecting information on controlled products

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14. A controlled product supplied by a laboratory supplier is deemed to meet the requirements of section 8 where it is received in a container in a quantity of less than 10 kg and is intended to be used only in a laboratory by an employer, provided that the product or its container bears the label affixed thereto by the supplier listing the information prescribed by section 17(b) of the Controlled Products Regulations (SOR/88-66), namely,
(1)  the product name,
(2)  the pertinent risk phrases,
(3)  the precautions to be taken in handling or using the product or in case of exposure to it,
(4)  the first aid to be provided, if any, and
(5)  where the material safety data sheet for the product is available, a statement indicating that it may be consulted.
O.C. 445-89, s. 14.