S-2.1, r. 8.1 - Hazardous Products Information Regulation

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30. A training and information program must include
(1)  information on the nature and meaning of the information on labels, signs and safety data sheets;
(2)  training regarding information on hazards, including hazard statements and precautionary statements, for each hazardous product present in the workplace;
(3)  training regarding the directives applicable to ensure that hazardous products, including any contained in a pipe, system of pipes with valves, process vessel, reaction vessel, tank car, tank truck, ore car, conveyor belt or any similar equipment, are used, handled, stored and disposed of safely;
(4)  training regarding the precautions to take with respect to any fugitive emissions, intermediary products undergoing reactions in a reaction vessel or process vessel, and any hazardous waste if any of them are present in the workplace;
(5)  training regarding the procedure to be followed in an emergency; and
(6)  training regarding the place where safety data sheets are kept, how to access them, the technology relating to the medium on which they are kept, and how to transfer them to hard copy.
S.Q. 2015, c. 13, s. 14.