S-2.1, r. 8.1 - Hazardous Products Information Regulation

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18. Subject to an application for exemption submitted under section 62.7 of the Act, a workplace safety data sheet must contain information for each of the following information headings:
(1)  identification;
(2)  hazard identification;
(3)  composition/information on ingredients;
(4)  first-aid measures;
(5)  fire-fighting measures;
(6)  accidental release measures;
(7)  handling and storage;
(8)  exposure controls/personal protection;
(9)  physical and chemical properties;
(10)  stability and reactivity;
(11)  toxicological information;
(12)  ecological information;
(13)  disposal considerations;
(14)  transport information;
(15)  regulatory information; and
(16)  other information.
In addition to meeting the linguistic requirement set out in section 62.4 of the Act, the workplace safety data sheet must contain the information headings set out in the first paragraph and list them in the same order.
Each information column must contain, as a minimum, the information listed in Schedule 1 to the Hazardous Products Regulations (SOR/2015-17). However, the employer is not required to provide information relating to items 12 to 15.
An employer must also prepare a workplace safety data sheet in accordance with the classification standards prescribed in those Regulations.
If no information can be given in relation to a specific information element in an information column mentioned in the first paragraph, the employer must provide the following statement under the heading concerned:
(1)  “not applicable”, if there is no relevant information for that heading;
(2)  “not available”, if there is no information available for the product; or
(3)  in the case of an application for exemption submitted under section 62.7 of the Act, the name of the applicant, the registration number of the application and, if a decision was made granting the application, in whole or in part, the date of the decision.
If information concerning toxicological data for a hazardous product is or appears to be contradictory, the safety data sheet must explicitly state the source and the references for the studies from which the information was drawn so that no one is misled regarding the nature and scope of the hazard presented by the product.
S.Q. 2015, c. 13, s. 14.