S-2.1, r. 8.1 - Hazardous Products Information Regulation

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11. An employer must, as soon as possible after being informed by a supplier, in accordance with section 3(1) and section 5.12(4) and (5) of the Hazardous Products Regulations (SOR/2015-17), of significant new data regarding a hazardous product or on becoming otherwise aware of such data, send a written notice to the workers and to the members of the health and safety committee or, if applicable, to the job-site committee or the safety representative.
The employer must update the label within 180 days of becoming aware of such data, either by substituting new information for the information concerned or by replacing the label.
When the employer substitutes new information, it must completely cover the previous information without affecting the legibility of any other information on the label.
In the case of a label for stored products, the employer may update it by affixing a sign that complies with the second paragraph of section 24 and with section 25. The employer must, however, ensure that the products or their container have an updated label when being used.
During the period specified in the second paragraph, the employer must display the notice required under the first paragraph near the product until the label has been updated. The signage requirements set out in section 25 apply to the notice. The employer must also ensure that products or their containers have an updated label when being used.
S.Q. 2015, c. 13, s. 14.