S-2.1, r. 7 - Regulation respecting pulmonary health examinations for mine workers

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6. A pre-employment pulmonary health examination shall comprise the following elements:
(1)  a medical questionnaire conforming to Part I of Schedule I;
(2)  a physical examination comprising the elements described in Part II of Schedule I;
(3)  a lung x-ray conforming to the standards provided for in Part III of Schedule I; and
(4)  testing of the respiratory functions, including measurement of forced vital capacity (FVC), of timed vital capacity (TVC) and of maximum mid-expiratory flow rate (MMFR), conforming to standards BNQ 5725-050/1985 “Spiromètres” and BNQ 5725-900/1985 “Laboratoires d’examen spirométrique de dépistage en milieu de travail”, as amended.
O.C. 1325-95, s. 6.