S-2.1, r. 5 - Regulation respecting health and safety committees

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34. Before 31 March of each year, a committee shall send to the Commission an annual report of activities covering the period from 1 January to 31 December and containing the following information:
(1)  identification of the certified associations represented on the committee;
(2)  the number of workers in the establishment;
(3)  the list of committee members and their function in the establishment;
(4)  the frequency of meetings and the average annual rate of attendance at the meetings;
(5)  the name of the physician in charge of health services in the establishment;
(6)  any amendments made to the prevention program that ensue from recommendations of the committee;
(7)  the number and the nature of complaints received; and
(8)  the number of inquiries carried out pursuant to paragraph 9 of section 78 of the Act, specifying the incidents that caused a work accident or an occupational disease.
O.C. 2025-83, s. 34.