S-2.1, r. 4 - Safety Code for the construction industry

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3.16.7. Bound objects:
(1)  When drums or barrels are stacked:
(a)  full, standing upright, the height of the piles shall be limited and 2 planks shall be laid side by side on each row before proceeding on to the next row;
(b)  empty, lying on their sides, the piles shall be symmetrical and stable, and all units in the bottom row shall be carefully wedged.
(2)  Subsection 1 also applies to large-diameter pipes, to rolls of paper or to any other object having a circular cross-section.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-2.1, r. 6, s. 3.16.10; O.C. 329-94, ss. 65 and 66.