S-2.1, r. 17 - Regulation respecting forestry operations

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11. Power saw:
(1)  The power saw shall have a safety chain.
(2)  It is forbidden to smoke when filling a power saw with gasoline.
(3)  It is forbidden to fill a power saw with gasoline when it is hot or when there is danger of fire and explosion.
(4)  When a power saw is put into operation, it shall be placed on a solid surface.
(5)  The power saw shall be started at 3 m or more from the place where it was filled with gasoline.
(6)  The power saw shall not be operated at a level higher than shoulder level.
(7)  When a forestry worker during felling travels a distance longer than usual between trees, the motor of the saw shall be stopped and the power saw shall be carried with the blade behind.
(8)  When a forestry worker changes places, the chain of the saw shall never be in motion and the motor shall be stopped if there is an obstacle.
(9)  The changing and adjusting of the chain on a power saw shall be done when the motor is stopped.
(10)  The maintenance, adjustment and operation of the power saw shall be done in a manner to protect the worker against any accident.
(11)  An extinguisher or other device capable of controlling the beginning of a fire shall be within reach of the worker using a power saw.
(12)  The power saw shall be held firmly in both hands while it is in operation.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-2.1, r. 22, s. 11.