S-2.1, r. 17 - Regulation respecting forestry operations

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1. In this Regulation, unless the context requires a different meaning,
(a)  “harvester” means a self-propelled vehicle mounted on wheels or on caterpillars used to cut, limb or section trees. Some models are equipped to carry logs;
(b)  “full tree” means a felled tree separated from its stump;
(c)  “forestry road” means a road used regularly during forestry operations;
(d)  “hauling” (skidding) means a forestry operation which consists in transporting trunks or full trees from the felling area to a road suitable for a motor vehicle;
(e)  “hauler” means a forestry worker assigned to hauling operations;
(f)  “skidder on wheels” means a self-propelled vehicle on wheels with or without a winch used for hauling timber;
(g)  “skidder on caterpillars” (tracked-forwarder) means a self-propelled caterpillar-mounted vehicle used for hauling and carrying logs in the forest;
(h)  “direction notch” means a notch made on the trunk of a tree in order to direct its fall during felling;
(i)  “boom” means a floating raft made by assembling logs, blocks, chains and wire ropes to hold and to direct floating timber;
(j)  “log” means a trunk of a felled tree, limbed, with its bark, cut in sections or not;
(k)  “cab” means an overhead part of a motor vehicle body, which ensures the protection of the operator;
(l)  “bridge” means a structure which includes a deck directly supported by beams held by pillars or the equivalent, and used to span a water stream or a land depression;
(m)  “power saw” means a portable motor saw, commonly called a chain saw;
(n)  “felling-cut” (back-cut) means a cut made by a saw which separates the tree from its stump on the side opposite to the direction of fall;
(o)  “forestry operations” means operations for exploiting the forest, such as clearing, conserving and improving the forest;
(p)  “forestry worker” means a worker earning a wage or working by contract, who is employed for forestry operations;
(q)  “bucking” means an operation which consists in cutting trees into different lengths;
(r)  “slasher” means an apparatus for slashing timber into different lengths.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. S-2.1, r. 22, s. 1.