S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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33.2. Safety measures: Where workers must be protected in accordance with section 33.1 and subject to section 33.3, one or several of the following measures shall be taken by the employer to ensure the safety of workers:
(1)  change the work position of workers so that they can work on the ground or on another surface from which they are not at risk of falling;
(2)  install guardrails or a system which, by limiting the movements of workers, prevent them from being at risk of falling;
(3)  use common protective devices and equipment, such as a safety net in accordance with section 354;
(4)  ensure that workers wear safety harnesses secured to an anchorage system by a fall arrest connecting device, in accordance with section 347 when they are working. When workers cannot position themselves without the help of their fall arrest connecting device, ensure that they also use a means of positioning, such as a plank on brackets, a positioning tether or strap, a suspension cable or a platform;
(5)  use another means that ensures equivalent safety for workers.
O.C. 1411-2018, s. 16.