S-2.1, r. 13 - Regulation respecting occupational health and safety

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312.38. Diving station and required material: All dives require the installation of a diving station that must include at least the following material:
(1)  a weighted descent line, at least 12 mm in diameter and long enough to reach the bottom at the maximum depth of the underwater workstation, that must be used in particular to guide the diver during descent and ascent; if such a line cannot be used, any other appropriate means to guide the diver, taking into account the depth and diving conditions;
(2)  a bottom timer and clock;
(3)  a copy of the decompression tables of the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine of the Department of National Defence of Canada;
(4)  a copy of the standards referred to in this Division; and
(5)  in addition to the equipment required in accordance with the First-aid Minimum Standards Regulation (chapter A-3.001, r. 10), an oxygen inhalation kit containing at least the items described in Part 1 of Schedule X and, if applicable, enough oxygen to be administered to a diver who was the victim of an accident until the diver enters the hyperbaric chamber or until medical attendants are able to administer oxygen to the diver.
O.C. 425-2010, s. 3.