S-2.1, r. 12.1 - Regulation respecting health and safety in forest development work

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51.2. Where 5 workers or more work on a work site, the employer must ensure that
(1)  one rigid stretcher, one backboard or equipment combining both functions is available and placed near work sites where workers are concentrated;
(2)  one rigid cervical collar, one head immobiliser and one blanket are available;
(3)  backboards, rigid cervical collars and equipment combining both functions are used by a qualified person.
Where 20 workers or more work on a work site, the material must be placed in the evacuation vehicle.
The material must be available within 30 minutes where the work site is accessible by road and within 60 minutes where workers are deployed in a territory to respond to an emergency.
Where the work site is not accessible by road, the material must be available as soon as possible.
O.C. 1488-2021, s. 2.