S-2.1, r. 12.1 - Regulation respecting health and safety in forest development work

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21. A forestry machine must be
(1)  equipped with a lighting system when used for night work;
(2)  equipped with an extinguisher placed within the operator’s reach;
(3)  maintained and cleaned so as to prevent any risk of fire;
(4)  equipped, in the case of a skidder, with a parking brake;
(5)  equipped with a roof if there is a risk of falling objects;
(6)  equipped with a cab with full doors and a protective screen if the operator risks being hit by an object;
(7)  equipped with a rollover protective structure where there is a risk of rollover;
(8)  equipped with a seat in good condition that is suitable for the work performed and the forestry machine, as well as with a safety belt.
The wearing of a safety belt is mandatory for forestry machine operators, except for the operator of a cable skidder when salvaging and piling timber.
One year from 13 June 2013, forestry machines acquired new must be equipped with an adjustable seat;
(9)  equipped with grip handles, non-slip steps or ladders installed so as to enable safe access by the driver and facilitate maintenance;
(10)  equipped, where it has catwalks or platforms, with a non-skid floor and guardrails.
O.C. 499-2013, s. 21.