S-2.1, r. 1 - Joint Sector-Based Construction Association on Occupational Health and Safety Regulation

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27. The Commission evaluates the subsidy application submitted to it in accordance with this Division, with regard to the following criteria:
(1)  the number of establishments and building site, and the number of workers belonging to the construction sector;
(2)  the type of risks inherent to the construction sector and the number of workers directly exposed thereto;
(3)  the pertinence of the objectives pursued by the association with regard to those defined in section 101 of the Act;
(4)  the equivalence between the program of activities of the association and the priorities the Commission intends to undertake during the next fiscal period;
(5)  consideration of the information and the annual reports of activities sent to the Commission in accordance with this Regulation.
O.C. 209-84, s. 27.