S-13.1, r. 3.1 - By-law respecting casino games

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11. The rules of a table game must be indicated in a document placed near the gaming table, and that place must be indicated at the table. The document must contain the conditions specific to each game and include the following information:
(1)  the maximum number of players allowed at the table, if applicable;
(2)  the possibility to play standing and the manner in which to do so;
(3)  the number, the assigned value and specifications, as the case may be, of cards, dice, balls or other objects used;
(4)  the object of the game and details on how to play;
(5)  the wagers permitted and at what time in the playing of a game each of them may be made;
(6)  the cases in which a commission is payable and, if applicable, the amount of the commission and on which wager it is payable;
(7)  the player’s options in the playing of a game;
(8)  the dealer’s strategy, if applicable;
(9)  the cases in which the bank may be held by a player and, if applicable, the manner to do so;
(10)  the applicable conditions relating to the handling of cards, dice, balls or other objects used for a game so that the outcome may be valid;
(11)  the conditions for a wager to win, lose or be considered a push;
(12)  the payout odds of the winning wagers and the manner in which they are paid.
O.C. 951-2011, s. 11.