S-13, r. 4 - Regulation respecting cider and other apple-based alcoholic beverages

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16. Except as otherwise provided in this Regulation, only the following substances may be used in the production of an alcoholic beverage:
(1)  yeast;
(2)  yeast foods;
(3)  sulphur dioxide (SO2) or potassium metabisulfite in such amount that its content in the finished product does not exceed 70 ppm in the free state or 420 ppm in the combined state, calculated as sulphur dioxide;
(4)  enzymes;
(5)  ascorbic acid or erythorbic acid or their salts;
(6)  activated carbon;
(7)  clay;
(8)  diatomaceous earth;
(9)  gelatine;
(10)  egg white;
(11)  albumen;
(12)  sodium chloride to a maximum of 1 g per litre;
(13)  silica gel;
(14)  casein;
(15)  tannic acid not exceeding 200 ppm;
(16)  polyvinylpyrrolidone not exceeding 2 ppm in the finished product;
(17)  bentonite;
(18)  oxygen;
(19)  ozone;
(20)  sorbic acid or salts thereof not exceeding 500 ppm in the finished product, calculated as sorbic acid.
O.C. 1096-2008, s. 16.