S-13, r. 2 - Regulation respecting alcoholic beverages made with beer

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7. A beer blend container or the container of beer blended with other alcoholic beverages must, by means of a label or otherwise, provide the following inscriptions in bold, indelible, legible and contrasting characters:
(1)  the words “beer blend” or “beer blended with other alcoholic beverages”, as the case may be, or “beer-based alcoholic beverage”, “beer cooler”, “malt-based alcoholic beverage”, “alcoholic malt beverage”, “malt alcoholic beverage” or “malt cocktail”;
(2)  the name of the alcoholic beverage used, where applicable;
(3)  the name and address of the permit holder and the number of the permit under which the permit holder made the beer blend or the beer blended with other alcoholic beverages;
(4)  the acquired alcoholic content;
(5)  the net volume;
(6)  the words “made in Québec”, “product of Québec”, “product of Canada”, “made in Canada” or, where the product comes solely from a country other than Canada, the words “product of” followed by the name of the country of origin;
(7)  the alphanumeric code identifying the production lot of the beer blend or beer blended with other alcoholic beverages; and
(8)  a list of ingredients.
The inscriptions required under subparagraphs 1 to 6 must appear on the principal visible surface of the container.
O.C. 105-2010, s. 7.