S-0.1, r. 4 - Regulation respecting cases requiring consultation with a physician or transfer of clinical responsibility to a physician

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(ss. 1 and 5)
Cases for mandatory consultation
(1) age less than 14 years
(2) thrombocytopenia
(3) Crohn’s disease
(4) ulcerative colitis
(5) mitral valve prolapse
(6) risks related to a pathology that could influence the course of the present pregnancy, for example: endocrine, hepatic, neurologic, psychiatric, heart, pulmonary or renal pathologies
(7) the mother’s use of medication, drugs or alcohol having a potential impact on the fetus or newborn
(8) active cancer
(9) severe vomiting of pregnancy
(10) suspected extrauterine pregnancy
(11) uterine malformation
(12) presence of fibroid
(13) abnormal cervical smear test
(14) sexually transmitted diseases: gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia
(15) seroconversion during pregnancy for herpes
(16) infectious contact of a non-immunized woman with hepatitis, measles or chickenpox
(17) anemia: less than 100 g/litre Hb unresponsive to treatment
(18) threatened preterm labour
(19) bleeding of unknown origin after 20 weeks
(20) polyhydramnios or oligohydramnios
(21) any diagnosed foetal anomaly
(22) presentation other than cephalic after 37 weeks
(23) pregnancy at 42 weeks
Cases for mandatory transfer
(1) insulin-dependent diabetes
(2) Addison’s and Cushing’s disease
(3) collagenosis
(4) hyperthyroidism
(5) multiple sclerosis
(6) hypertension
(7) active tuberculosis
(8) HIV seropositivity and AIDS
(9) seroconversion during pregnancy for the following infectious diseases: toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, HIV and tuberculosis
(10) cardiac, renal or respiratory disease with failure
(11) presence of significant irregular antibodies
(12) thrombocytopenia, if severe
(13) coagulation abnormality
(14) incompetent cervix
(15) extrauterine pregnancy
(16) multiple gestation
(17) placental abruption
(18) placenta praevia
(19) intrauterine growth retardation
(20) uncontrolled glucose intolerance of pregnancy
(21) preeclampsia or eclampsia
(22) HELLP syndrome
(23) intrauterine death
O.C. 455-2004, sch. II.