S-0.1, r. 4 - Regulation respecting cases requiring consultation with a physician or transfer of clinical responsibility to a physician

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(ss. 1 and 5)
Cases for mandatory consultation
(1) genetic, hereditary or congenital disease that could affect the baby’s life
(2) repeated spontaneous abortions up to the 16th week without full term delivery
(3) cone biopsy of the cervix
(4) myomectomy
(5) more than 1 preterm birth
(6) more than 1 low-birth-weight infant
(7) perinatal mortality that could present a potential risk
Cases for mandatory transfer
(1) cervical amputation
(2) incompetent cervix with no history of a normal delivery
(3) repeated spontaneous abortions after the 16th week without full term delivery
(4) subarachnoid hemorrhage
(5) thromboembolic disease
(6) isoimmunization
O.C. 455-2004, sch. I.