R-9.3, r. 3 - Supplementary benefits plans for elected municipal officers

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2. A person referred to in subparagraph 1 or 2 of the second paragraph of section 1 is entitled to a supplementary benefit. It shall correspond, for each year of service recognized before 1 January 2002, to a supplementary pension credit equal to the excess of 3.75% of the pensionable salary over the pension credit acquired by the person under section 29 of the Act.
The following are not taken into account to determine the supplementary pension benefit:
(a)  years of service redeemed in the plan since 21 June 2001;
(b)  years recognized or transferred to the Pension Plan of Elected Municipal Officers other than those from the general retirement plan referred to in section 4 of the Act;
(c)  years of service for which a person received payment of the actuarial value of the person’s benefits before 1 January 2001 or was refunded his or her contributions; and
(d)  years for which a person is only entitled to a refund of contributions.
O.C. 1440-2002, s. 2.