R-6.01, r. 4.1 - Rules of Procedure of the Régie de l’énergie

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16. The application for intervenor status must be signed by the interested person or the interested person’s representative and filed with the Régie within the time prescribed by the Régie.
The interested person must state
(1)  the interested person’s name, address, telephone number, electronic address and fax number and, where applicable, the contact information for the interested person’s representative;
(2)  the nature of the interested person’s interest;
(3)  the grounds for the intervention;
(4)  the issues the interested person intends to address and a concise version of the conclusions sought or recommendations proposed;
(5)  the manner in which the interested person’s position is to be presented and, in particular, whether witnesses are to be heard or expert evidence presented;
(6)  where applicable, suggestions to facilitate examination of the application;
(7)  where applicable, the interested person’s representativeness.
O.C. 1098-2014, s. 16.