R-6.01, r. 4.1 - Rules of Procedure of the Régie de l’énergie

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1. For the purposes of these Rules, unless the context indicates otherwise,
“consultation” means the examination of an application by the Régie de l’énergie as part of a written process; (consultation)
“document” means any document, as defined in section 3 of the Act to establish a legal framework for information technology (chapter C-1.1), and includes any application, proceeding, evidence, request for information, letter or other communication addressed to the Régie; (document)
“expert witness” means a person called to testify at a hearing who is recognized as an expert by the Régie because of his or her knowledge and experience in a specific field or on a specific issue. (témoin expert)
“hearing” means a session during which the Régie hears evidence and arguments presented by participants; (audience)
“intervenor” means any interested person authorized by the Régie to participate in the examination of an application in order to present a point of view; (intervenant)
“participant” means an applicant or an intervenor; (participant)
“working session” means any meeting, except a hearing, held to examine an application; it includes an information session, discussion session and negotiation session. (séance de travail)
O.C. 1098-2014, s. 1.