R-20, r. 7.1 - Regulation respecting the Training Fund for Employees in the Construction Industry

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17. The Commission and the association must agree on conditions for the use of the subsidy. The agreement must pertain, in particular, to the following:
(1)  the eligible promotion projects in the application for a subsidy that the association may carry out;
(2)  the amount granted for those promotion projects;
(3)  the payment conditions, that is, a first payment representing 70% of the subsidy given within 30 days of the signing of the agreement by the association, and a second payment payable within 30 days of the final rendering of accounts, corresponding to the difference between the actual costs of the promotion projects agreed upon and the first payment, up to the amount of the subsidy granted;
(4)  repayment conditions in case of failure to comply with the agreement;
(5)  accountability conditions.
O.C. 138-2015, s. 17.