R-20, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the issuance of competency certificates

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2. The Commission shall issue an apprentice competency certificate to every person who applies therefor, is 16 years of age or over, and furnishes proof that he has successfully completed a safety course required by the Safety Code for the Construction Industry (chapter S-2.1, r. 4), in any of the following cases:
(1)  (paragraph revoked);
(2)  this person holds a journeyman competency certificate restricted to one specialty or some skills of a trade and wishes to continue his apprenticeship in another specialty or in all the skills of this trade;
(3)  this person holds a journeyman competency certificate and wishes to undertake or continue his apprenticeship in another trade;
(4)  this person proves to the Commission that he is an employer holding a contractor licence issued under the Building Act (chapter B-1.1) or that he is the designated representative under section 19.1 of the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and workforce management in the construction industry (chapter R-20), of an employer holding such a licence; in the latter case, the certificate is no longer valid if its holder ceases to be the employer’s designated representative;
(5)  this person is exempt from the obligation to hold an apprentice competency certificate, issued under paragraph 6 of section 14 or under section 15.5, proves that he meets the admission requirements prescribed in basic school regulations made under the Education Act (chapter I-13.3), for a program of study leading to a vocational training diploma pertaining to the trade indicated in this application and that he has worked at least 1,000 hours since the initial issuance of that exemption, under the conditions and restrictions provided for in section 15 or, as the case may be, in section 15.5.
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