R-20, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the issuance of competency certificates

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2.5. The Commission may issue an apprentice competency certificate for a trade, other than the trade of crane operator, to a person 16 years of age or over who is able to demonstrate having acquired at least 35% of the apprenticeship hours for the trade, in hours worked as an apprentice in the trade and declared in accordance with the Regulation respecting the register, monthly report, notices from employers and the designation of a representative (chapter R-20, r. 11) or in hours worked and paid in the trade outside the scope of application of the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and workforce management in the construction industry (chapter R-20), if the person
(1)  provides an attestation certifying successful completion of a safety course required by the Safety Code for the Construction Industry (chapter S-2.1, r. 4);
(2)  demonstrates having met the admission requirements set out in basic school regulations made under the Education Act (chapter I-13.3) for a program of study leading to a vocational training diploma pertaining to the trade covered by the application; and
(3)  the person’s employer, registered with the Commission, files a workforce request, guarantees that person employment for not less than 150 hours over a period not exceeding 3 months and provides the Commission with proof of the guarantee.
O.C. 172-2021, s. 2.