R-20, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the election of a representative association by the employees of the construction industry

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8. An employee is allowed to vote if he identifies himself with one of the following documents: his competency certificate, his exemption from the obligation to hold a competency certificate, his social insurance card, his certificate of civil status, his certificate of birth, his passport, or the card that the Commission issued to him pursuant to section 24 of the Act. He must also hand to the returning officer, who shall keep it, the voting card issued by the Commission pursuant to section 30 of the Act.
An employee who comes to the polling station without his voting card is allowed to vote if he identifies himself with 2 of the documents contemplated in the first paragraph.
If required by an agent, the returning officer shall ask the voting employee to declare his trade or occupation.
Decision CCQ-972200, s. 8.