R-20, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the election of a representative association by the employees of the construction industry

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24. The Commission shall issue, to an employee who proves that he meets the conditions to be exempted from the requirements of holding a competency certificate or an exemption issued by the Commission pursuant to a regulation made under the authority of section 123 of the Act, and who has made known his election respecting a representative association in accordance with section 21 of this Regulation, a card indicating the following information:
(1)  the bearer’s name;
(2)  his date of birth;
(3)  his social insurance number;
(4)  in the case of an apprentice, the apprenticeship period in which an intergovernmental agreement contemplated in section 123 of the Act classifies the bearer, if any, or the apprenticeship period in which the Commission classifies him in accordance with section 15 of the Regulation respecting the vocational training of workforce in the construction industry (chapter R-20, r. 8);
(5)  the name of the representative association respecting which he has made an election;
(6)  the date on which the card is issued.
Decision CCQ-972200, s. 24.