R-20, r. 12 - Rules of procedure and practice of the construction industry commissioner

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5. The introductory motion, as well as documents and notices, must be filed with the secretariat of the construction industry commissioner
(1)  by delivery to the secretariat;
(2)  by mail at the address of the secretariat; or
(3)  by fax at the secretariat.
In every case, a copy must be sent to the other party or, as the case may be, to the party’s representative.
In addition, in the case provided for in the second paragraph of section 21 of the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and manpower management in the construction industry (chapter R-20), the introductory motion shall be sent to the job site owner and to the contractor involved in the dispute, to every contractors’ association listed in subparagraph c.1 of the first paragraph of section 1 of the Act, as well as to every association of employees that holds a certificate of representativeness under section 34 of the Act. Any other notice, motion or document shall be sent to the persons or associations that have appeared.
O.C. 850-2002, s. 5.