R-20, r. 12 - Rules of procedure and practice of the construction industry commissioner

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33. The minutes of the hearing shall be drawn up in the manner established by the construction industry commissioner. They must include
(1)  the date and place of the hearing;
(2)  the name of the commissioner;
(3)  the names and addresses of the parties and, where applicable, of their representatives and witnesses;
(4)  the name and address of the interpreter, where applicable, and an indication that the interpreter took an oath;
(5)  an indication that the hearing was recorded;
(6)  a list of the exhibits that were produced;
(7)  the incidental proceedings, objections and decisions rendered at the hearing, where applicable;
(8)  every admission and any full or partial settlement;
(9)  the date on which the matter was taken under advisement, where applicable.
O.C. 850-2002, s. 33.